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Regular Membership includes all club social and playing privileges as well as voting privileges. Regular Members pay an initiation fee, annual dues, fees and special assessments.
  • Family (including spouses, domestic partners, unmarried children under 25, living at home)
  • Single Persons
JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP – 25-35 Years of Age
Junior Membership includes the rights and privileges of Regular Membership with the exception of voting privileges. A Junior Member pays a portion of the initiation fee, annual dues, fees, and assessments. At age 36, a Junior Member automatically becomes a Regular Member. The initiation fee paid upon becoming a Junior Member is credited against the initiation fee then in effect for a Regular Member.

The New Social Membership enjoys social privileges of the club.
  • Golf may be played only under guest rules and fees.
  • A New Social Member may not participate in, or vote at, any meeting of the members.
A New Social Member pays a one-time initiation fee, annual dues, fees, and assessments. Any assessment relating solely to the golf facilities will not be assessed to New Social Members.