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Hole 9/18



Par 4; Yardage: 332/337
Men’s Handicap: 8/7; Women’s Handicap: 8/7

From the tee box the player may behold almost the entire central Ann Arbor skyline. There’s also a clear view of the fairway sloping down to the old creek bed with the clubhouse and number 9 green on the rise beyond the depression. One hopes for a long straight tee shot down the right side to the depression. The approach shot to the elevated green is made more difficult by the small green ringed by a 3-foot terrace and a left front bunker. (The hole is called “Vesuvius” because the 3-foot terrace once extended around the entire green!)  Only the best shot will hold the green. A front pin placement is especially difficult since the short approach is likely to roll back off the green while a long shot may result in the subsequent putt rolling past the pin off the front.  Local knowledge still says that all putts roll to State Street.