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Tim Strickland

Before coming back to Michigan in 2006, Tim was the Head Golf Professional at Bridge Mill Athletic Club in Canton, GA. Tim brings golf leadership, team building and extensive experience and knowledge to the club, especially in instructional Adult and Junior Golf programs. Those talents will help AAGOC continue to be member-focused and the best nine hole private facility in Michigan.

Tim’s wife, Shelley is Vice President for Philanthropy at Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation. Tim's son Mitchell is a very serious golfer, sometimes seen on our course! 
Tim's Teaching Philosophy

Playing great golf requires much more than patience and practice. Perfecting your game involves constant critique and analysis of how you are using your strength, flexibility, and natural talent to improve your game.

The basic philosophy behind Tim’s teaching is “Keep it Simple.” Students need to have feedback while getting instruction, but in a way that they can learn and not be forced into certain swings. He likes to assist a student with the swing so that the game of golf can be more enjoyable for players of all abilities.

Teaching Philosophy

Stress the basic fundamentals 

Improve GPA: Grip/Posture/Alignment (or Getting Prepared Accurately)  

Build a solid foundation of basic fundamentals  

Develop a swing that fits one’s body structure, strength, and flexibility   

Help each individual understand his/her game and become confident    

Last, but not least, “Have Fun” & “Keep it Simple”